2⁴ years of programming

One of the dreams I always had since I was a child was to learn to program. On February 27th, 1997, after an ordinary middle school day, I was reading my Technical Education book. Looking through the pages, a topic caught my attention: “Developing with QBasic”. Sixteen (2⁴) years ago, aged 12, I discovered programming.

The first code I ever wrote was very similar to the following.

phrase$ = "Hello World!"
LOCATE 13,40
PRINT phrase$

November updates

Well, it’s November. We definitely need to update our profiles to let you know what’s going on.

You might have noticed that our logo has changed, since two of us moved to other countries. Marco shifted from Beijing, China to London, UK and Stefano from Como, Italy to Lisbon, Portugal. While Marco joined TATA Consultancy Services, India’s largest IT company, Stefano joined the AI research group from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. On the other side of the planet, Valerio officially started his PhD in Hong Kong.

I graduated in March and started my PhD at Universität Leipzig in July. Recently, I resumed to play frequently and celebrated my first academic publication.


Here we are!

Here we are, but where are we? And more important, who are we?

We are four friends. We crossed our paths a couple of years ago in the classrooms of a university degree in Computer Science in Italy. We gradually started to share, besides the academic studies, also dreams and hopes about the future of us and our society. Our concerns are mainly focused in new technologies and new possible ways to interact and live with them.

We are bound together with a strong Belief. The Belief that we are here to make the difference. Our strong commitment to pursuit our dreams and hopes is bounding together as a single unit, ready to face everything that is standing in our path, to smash any obstacles that may block us to make this world a better place.

This strong Belief forced us to make life change decisions bringing us to different worlds and realities. As result we are currently split in four different countries around the world. We are ready to share our points of views, our ideas, our experiences – both professional and individual – with anyone who might be interested in.

We are looking for people like us, people that never choose the easy way to do things.

We want to stand up, climb the chair and stand on the table and with eyes closed hitting repeatedly our legs with our fists and scream, with all our voice, scream to the world, that we are here, that our existences have a meaning, that we are capable to fulfill our ambitions, that nothing is impossible, that along with hard work and with a real commitment we are able to do remarkable things.

Welcome to TheSmartPuzzle, welcome to our dreams.